We trying to “get the word out” to the Legal community in Kenya. If you would like to join out beta program (you will help us streamline the platform). In return we will offer our paid services for free for one year (Our paid services offers full technical support in the services listed below).  If you would be interested in   

How you will Benefit

Increase Email Quota

Everyone has an email address. Usually it’s a Gmail or yahoo account. You can set yourself apart with an email address. It makes you look more professional and well-established.

Free Website Creation (With support and maintainance)

Your website is your best way to tell potential clients and referral sources who you are, what you do, how you can help, and how to get in touch with you. Providing that information on an easy-to-use website is helpful for the majority of prospects who turn to the internet when they have questions related to their case or matter, or when they’re ready to contact an advocate.

Lawyer Directory Profile Creation

Your advocate profile will contain your location on google maps, consultation Prices, Services offered and so much more to boost your profile online