Legal Marketplace services both legal practitioners and clients.

Our Legal Marketplace provides you with two options. Firstly you may chose to search for a legal practitioner and secondly you may chose to list a no-obligation legal task and let legal practitioners find you on your terms. If you chose to follow the first option (searching for legal practitioners) Legal Marketplace offers you the following services free of charge:

(i) Find individual legal practitioners as well as law firms using various search criteria including but not limited to: areas of specialisation, keywords, location (near you, maps and city) as well as tariff;

(ii) Review previous ratings and comments relating to legal practitioners and law firms before committing; (iii) Book your chosen legal practitioner online;

(iv) After consultation, post your own personal rating and review of the legal practitioner and law firm, ensuring more accurate ratings and reviews to assist future clients.

If you chose the second option (list a no-obligation legal task), Legal Marketplace offers you the following services free of charge:

(i) Post your legal task and let legal practitioners “tender” for your work thus ensuring you get the best price;

(ii) receive and compare offers from legal practitioners;

(iii) review previous ratings and comments of the legal practitioners who made offers to you;

(iv) accept an offer and book a consultation with a legal practitioner or negotiate further with a legal practitioner. But wait there is more, but for the above,

Legal Marketplace also provides you with free access to the following ancillary services

(i) request a quote from a specific legal practitioner;

(ii) Private Message/Chat with a legal practitioner;

(iii) Ask questions to be answered by legal practitioners;

(iv) Manage all aspects of your profile including bookings, legal tasks, quotes, chats, notifications and reviews via “My Account”.

Our Legal Marketplace provides your practice with the ability to:

(i) get marketing on firm and legal practitioner level;

(ii) build a comprehensive legal profile of the law firm or each individual legal practitioner;

(iii) enable clients reach out to you directly via Quotes, Chats, Questions;

(iv) get instant access to new clients; (v) clients can make real-time bookings and payments online;

(vi) get notifications of new and relevant legal tasks listed by clients and approach them accordingly;

(vii) manage all aspects from your profile online 24/7 including but not limited to: Quotes, Invoices, Bookings, Chats, Questions and find legal task listings posted by clients.