• Child support

    My baby daddy let me alone pay for all the childs’ needs from fees to books to food.

    He barely even cares and it is becoming harder for me cause my job is on a comission basis.

    How do i go about it…i cannot afford to hire a lawyer 

    1 Answers Jan 19, 2023 9 months ago
    The process of filing for child support starts with hiring a lawyer. A lawyer will draft a letter to the party who is meant to pay child support. This approach is used to avoid the long court process. If you need more Legal Aid on getting  child support in Kenya, you can contact some of these organizations that can assist you:
    • The National Legal Aid Programme (NALEAP)
    • The Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA)
    • CLEAR, an initiative of Kenya Christian Lawyers Fellowship
    • AFCIC, Action for children in conflict
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