• hi am allan i need to know how i can get authority as in either a power of attorney or letter of succsession from my dad, because he needs assistance in the administration of a large family estate that my father is an administrator together with two of his siblings.

    my dad & 2 of his siblings were selected by the larger family to be administrators of a family estate inherited from my granddad & his grandad before him, but my dad has recently been unwell & i therefore would like to act in his stead as an administrator when and if it’s required, so my question is which document should i pursue to get this authority, is it a Power Of Attorney or A letter of Succession  or any other, and if so what would be the procedure.note[my dad is still very much alive, but needs some help with this, as he has aged considerably]. please assist.


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    To get power of attorney or letter of succession in Kenya, you can consult a lawyer who will guide you through the process. The Law of Succession Act in Kenya provides for the administration of estates of deceased persons, and the procedure for obtaining letters of administration or probate. The Deputy Registrar shall open a file and place the file before a Judge who shall then issue an order for the succession matter to be advertised in the Kenya Gazette. If no objections are raised within 30 days of the gazettement, letters of grant of probate shall be issued by the Court. I hope that helps.
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