• How are cost calculated, qfter rulling has been issued in a land dispute
    1 Answers Nov 3, 2022 11 months ago
    The costs involved in a land dispute case may vary depending on several factors, such as the value of the claim, the complexity of the case, the duration of the proceedings, and the outcome of the case. Generally speaking, there are two types of costs that may arise in a land dispute case: court fees and legal fees. Court fees are the charges that you have to pay to start or continue a legal action in court. Court fees may include filing fees, hearing fees, witness expenses, and other administrative costs. Court fees may differ depending on which court you are using and what type of claim you are making. You can find out more about court fees on this website. Legal fees are the charges that you have to pay to your lawyer or other legal representative for their services. Legal fees may include consultation fees, research fees, drafting fees, advocacy fees, and other professional costs. Legal fees may depend on how much work your lawyer has to do for your case and how they charge for their services (for example, hourly rate or fixed fee).
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