I would like to register my media company with the government legally and to be able to get the licences on the same.
    Kindly Advice.

    1 Answers Jul 10, 2023 3 months ago
    To register your media company with the Kenyan government legally, you need to follow these steps: 1. Choose a unique name for your company and conduct a name search at the Registrar of Companies (ROC) to confirm its availability. 2. Prepare the memorandum and articles of association for your company, which outline its objectives, structure, and rules. 3. Fill out the application forms for incorporation and pay the required fees at the ROC. 4. Obtain a certificate of incorporation from the ROC, which confirms that your company is legally registered. 5. Apply for a media license from the Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK), which regulates the broadcasting sector in Kenya. You will need to submit your certificate of incorporation, memorandum and articles of association, business plan, and other documents as required by the CAK. 6. Pay the media license fee and obtain your license from the CAK, which allows you to operate as a media company in Kenya. For more information consult a legal expert in Kenya.
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