• What should I expect when I am summoned to a police station?


    In May, a friend involved me in her relationship issues with her boyfriend. Being a good friend, I tried to be a mediator and help them solve their issues. We had a meeting that I thought was successful in the moment. In the meeting was myself, her, the boyfriend, and his cousin. 

    A few days later, the drama continued and it was her draining for me and so I distanced myself from the issue. This did not go down well as we had an altercation, insults and threats from her, till it died down. 

    Today, I just recieved a call from DCI Industrial area officers telling me that a complaint has been filed against me. That I have been sending threat messages to the boyfriend. Remember I have not had contact with the 3 persons I had the meeting with since and I don’t even have that man’s number. I recorded the phone call and on confronted the cousin to ask what was going on. The officers again called me and were vexed that I recorded the calls. 

    So my questions are: 

    1. What should my next course of action be? 

    2. Can an issue like that be transferred to DCI HQ instead? We all live around and so i don’t understand why they passed all those stations to go to industrial area. 

    3. What should I expect when I show up in person at the station and what should I be prepared with? 


    Thanks in advance. 



    0 Answers Jun 21, 2022 1 year ago